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Although she has experience in teaching, ministry, administration, and real estate, Deb Proctor’s first love has always been in working with her dog and sharing with her Dog Friends. Her skills, love, and a strong sense of hospitality come together in The Barkery.

Deb and Dogs

Dear Visitor, 

When life brought me back to Sterling in 2000, I came with a young dog and a dream to create a boarding facility enjoyed by dogs and their owners alike; a place where dogs felt safe, loved and happy and their owners found a supportive community. In 2020 I began working to make that dream a reality. 

Welcome. Again, Welcome. It’s my hope that you’ll find the Barkery a place where you will enjoy working with your dog whether in playing, training, swimming (coming in the future), or grooming. I hope, too, that it will be a place where you will gather with friends to enjoy your dogs and share ideas. 

Secondly, the Barkery was designed to be a place where your dog feels safe and loved if you have to be gone. I want them to have play and exercise time daily and to enjoy all the things my own dogs do: play, exercise, one-on-one time, puzzles, training, and good food, including special treats and holiday meals. 

Lastly, I want to support you. I am working to provide the treats, equipment, training tools, and clothing you may need to strengthen your Pet Parent Life. 

The Barkery is 20 years in the dreaming and 3 years in the making…. May it become a source of joy for you, your dog, and your Pet Parent friends.

Deb Proctor

Fear Free Certified

Boarding and daycare environments are often fraught with potential stressors for dogs and cats. Pets are away from home, their family is gone, unfamiliar people and animals surround them, and their daily sleep/wake schedule is thrown off. That’s why The Barkery on Science Ridge has chosen to become certified in Fear Free Boarding and Daycare.

Our staff can identify and mitigate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. Pet Parents can rest assured that your pets are in the care of professionals who are knowledgeable about the physical and emotional needs of each individual pet.

To learn more about the Fear Free program, visit fearfreepets.com.

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